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Domain House is a thoughtful architectural statement that engages the tradition of great craftsmanship and the principles of iconic design. In one of Melbourne’s most prized domains, the 20-level design prioritises natural light, views and proportion for a diverse selection of 1, 2 and 3 bedroom residences and a series of high-end, social spaces for upscale entertaining and personal wellbeing.

A façade of double height columns and linear masonry surrounds the building, anchored by a podium then rising to a tower behind. The style employs the large windows, horizontal planes, geometric shapes and open design principles that characterise mid-century modern design. A rectilinear grid formation of light columns bordering dark glazing creates a sense of volume and three-dimensionality, while also framing the views from inside looking out. An enclosed glass prism extends from the podium, visually connecting to the tower above, as it creates a striking space for residents to entertain and lounge. The overall expression of the architecture is emphasized by perpendicular planes intersecting at every second floor to give the tower its tall, elegant aesthetic. At varying depths, the planes form a cantilevered edge to accommodate different levels of screening from the sun, depending on the orientation of the building face. The enlarged windows allow for an abundance of natural light flowing through each residence. 


SJB Interiors have developed a series of shared spaces to energise, comfort and entertain as a sophisticated extension of each resident’s private domain. At ground level, the lobby, lounge and internal gardens transition residents from a bustling streetscape to a peaceful inner sanctum, with all the features of a luxury hotel. 

The lobby engages a carefully connected sequence of spaces to build a sense of anticipation when entering the building. The modest scale of the external entrance provides an unexpected contrast to impressive stature of the lobby and lounge with its handcrafted detail and Japanese-inspired garden that imparts an unmistakable calmness on the space, renewing the senses as you step inside.
Upon entering, a linear colonnade leads to the lift lobby and an expansive lounge to the left. The main focus of the zone is its connectivity to nature. The internal spaces are connected by sliding glass doors to a raised landscaped garden set within a double height void. From the street, the garden and interior is screened by contemporary metal gridwork. Inside, the garden is a tranquil presence, inspired by the traditional principles of Japanese garden design. The diverse nature of the garden, with its many different forms and textures, offers a graceful contrast to the cantilevered, raw concrete volume hovering above and the rectangular columns that frame it. Overall the design provides a sense of nature, a freshness that encapsulates the building.
A timber-lined ceiling with a metal finish and feature timber wall panels reference the linear expression of the façade with vertical detailing throughout. The area comes complete with fireplace.


Ascend to the 6th level where indoor and outdoor spaces encourage lounging and dining with friends while taking in the views. Spread across the podium rooftop, a lounge pays homage to beautiful and precise craftsmanship. With a focus on customised, high-end joinery, elegant furnishings and lighting, the design balances depth and detail. Timber lined ceilings with linear lighting recesses draw the eye to wall panels and open shelving features inspired by traditional Japanese screening. Concrete slabs intersect the detailed woodwork for a sculptural effect surrounding a minimalist, open fireplace, ideal for Melbourne’s cooler seasons. Consistent with the overall architectural intent, the views are framed from the inside looking out.
A restrained, natural material palette extends to the kitchen and dining area, using a repetition of timber and stone surfaces in varying formats. Blocks of timber and slabs of stone are considered and functional while walls of smoked glass and metallic panels absorb and reflect light and the elevated views. The Yoga Room and Wellness studio is deeply rejuvenating. Enveloped in timber and natural light, the space features the recurring use of slender timber battens to lighten the form.

The outdoor terraces increase entertaining options and open to vistas of the surrounding landscape. Concrete walls are a harmonious backdrop for layers of foliage and wooden box planters. Customised wooden seating pockets, sun soaked decks and landscaped greenery deliver a cohesive yet energetic outdoor component, a reflection of its neighbourhood.



Bruce Henderson Architects have carefully considered each residence, its individual attributes and the residents who will live there. The floorplans offer a greater level of flexibility while the material and colour palette presents in a choice of two schemes; a modern composition of moody tones, raw textures and rich, saturated colour for the Designer Scheme or pared back, soft hues and tactile finishes for the classic, Neutral Scheme.


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